Course Content

1. What is Agile?
2. Why „The Rest of Us“?
3. Plan-Do-Check-Act
4. Requirements Everyone Can Understand
5. Solutions That Clients Want
6. Cross-Functional Teams
7. Flat Hierarchy
8. Employee Empowerment
9. Focus On Getting Things Done
10. Risk, Probability and Estimation
11. So This is Where We Start
12. So What is Stopping Us?

13. Absolutist vs. Conditional
14. Neutral vs. Feeling
15. Detached vs. Emotional
16. Individual vs. Group-Focused
17. Status vs. Achievement-Based
18. Sequential vs. Simultaneous
19. Nature-Controlling vs. Nature-Accepting

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Joseph Mallia, MSc

I had the please of meeting with [Procurro] during an Agile Estimation and Planning workshop. The training was 'great fun' and enabled all participants to share experiences and get excited to learn more. Hope to have more opportunities in the future.
Joseph Mallia, MSc

Markus Kepert

Really good course as practical discussion about agile development. We had a great discussion with different point of views to software development. That's what you can not found in any book!
Markus Kepert

Nikolaos Georgosopoulos

I recommend [Procurro] for this training. [They]  presented the subject right down to its true nature, gave a lot of good insights and clearly indicated points to look for.
Nikolaos Georgosopoulos

and this is where we want to take it!